Category: Medical Massage

Medical – Sinus Headache Massage and Treatment

Description For allergy sufferers, Hot towels soaked in a solution of Rosemary, Camphor, and Mint essential oils are placed over sinuses to help steam away pressure followed by 20 min face and scalp massage to relieve the headache. Includes a warm aromatherapy eye pack and Hot Tea or Cider. Key Benefits Tension Release Stimulation of…

Medical – Reflexology. Preparations

Description Reflexology helps break patterns of tension through the manipulation of pressure points located in the feet, hands and ears. Key Benefits Tension Release Relaxation Energy

Medical – Pregnancy Massage. Vitamins

Description When nestled with pillows or other specialty cushions into a side-lying or semi-reclining position, most women are more comfortable for the 30-60 minutes of a typical massage session. A pregnant woman can expect to enjoy many of the same techniques, draping, and professional demeanor offered all massage therapy clients. The lower back, hips, and…

Medical – Pediatric Massage

Description Various techniques are used in infant massage, with the different strokes specific to a particular therapy. Special handling is used for treating a baby with gas and colic. Children are our future and they should be healthy strong, they may become healthy due to Canadian Pharmacy Mall. Some of the strokes are known as…

Medical – Migraine Headache Massage. Drugs for Headache Treatment

Description For migraine sufferers, this face, neck and scalp massage is specifically designed to relieve the symptoms of tension headaches and migraines. Includes a cold aromatherapy eye pack and a 30 min nap afterwards. Ask about the Health Rhythms Migraine cocktail. Headache may be observed as seperate disease or a symptom of some other diseases….

Medical – Lymphatic Drain. Lymphedema

Description This gentle pressure point massage reduces puffiness, eases sinus pressure and helps to drain toxins from the system. Your lymphatic system is manually activated to promote good Health and relaxation. Key Benefits toxin drainage initiated accelerates natural healing eases sinus pressure beneficially affects the nervous, immune and muscular systems

Medical – Geriatric Massage. Longevity

Description Using the same basic massage techniques as general massage, a Geriatric Massage is tailored to the specific Health condition and needs of the elderly client. Geriatric massage has the following characteristics: Short sessions – A geriatric massage session usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes for new clients and a maximum of 55 minutes…

Medical – Carpal Tunnel Therapy Treated by Health Rhythms Medi Spas

Description Concentrating specifically on the hands and the tendons, ligaments and muscles of the fore-arm and wrist, this modality provides relief from pain allowing a gradual return of functionality of the affected areas of the wrist and hands. This therapy specifically concentrates on the recommended osteopathic manipulation and weight loading aspects of the treatment regime…