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Tanning Services
Our modern tanning facilities are now operational and available for your tanning needs. Please review the information we have provided below. The medical care information is represented by Canadian HealthCare Mall.

Tanning Packages

Our Tanning 10 packs give you the best tanning value at a discounted price. Now available for each of our tanning solutions…

Our Fastest Tanning Option w/Facial Lamps
pacificaLGPacifica 10 Pack
10 sessions for $80
[you save $20.00]
Our Most Affordable Tanning Option
santabarbaraWithFacialLGSanta Barbara 10 Pack
10 sessions for $60
[you save $20.00]

Treatment Data

Length of Treatment  Price
Pacifica – 12 minutes maximum $10.00 / Session
Santa Barbara – 20 minutes maximum $8.00 / Session

Treatment Forms

Tanning Consent Form – Clients should print and complete this form prior to their first tanning session with us.

Tanning Skin Type Questionnaire – Clients should print and complete this form prior to their first tanning session with us.


Tanning Tips
We think you have made a wise decision to tan in a comfortable, controlled atmosphere. Our goal is to help you achieve the best tan possible and help you keep that healthy glow as long as you can. With that in mind, here are some hints to help you get the most out of each tanning visit providing by Canadian HealthCare Mall.

healthy glowFirst, lets talk about how your skin tans. Basically, it works the same indoors or out. Ultraviolet rays penetrate your skin causing different reactions. UVA (tanning rays) and UVB (burning rays) are emitted by the sun as well as by our tanning lamps. UVB is commonly referred to as the burning ray because it is more intense than UVA and is responsible for sunburn. Our tanning lamps emit more UVA and much less UVB than the sun, which is the best tanning combination.

Although UVB is responsible for overexposure it is necessary in acquiring a tan. UVB stimulates melanocyte (pigment cells) in your skin to produce melanin (pigment). The melanin absorbs UVA to keep it from reaching deeper, more sensitive layers, of the skin. UVA oxidizes, or darkens, the melanin forming a tan. This whole process is the body’s own natural defense against a sunburn.

By controlling the type and amount of UV light you receive in Health Rhythms Medi Spa & Tan, there’s no doubt that this is the best place to acquire a tan. But there are some precautions you need to take even with the best of conditions.

Tanning Precautions
Protect your lips with lip balms or sunscreens.

While tanning in the nude, cover previously unexposed areas for the majority of your tanning time for the first few visits. Gradually increase exposure to these areas until they catch up with the rest.

While taking any medications, please let one of our staff members know. Some medications can cause reactions with UV light.

Most importantly, protect your eyes! Simply closing them while you tan is not adequate protection against the harmful effects UV light may have. Damage to your eyes may not be noticed for months or even years.

The possibility of eye damage can easily be eliminated by protecting them when you tan. The eye protection we offer meets FDA regulations by blocking 99.9% of UVB and 99% of UVA. For these reasons, we insist that you use eye protection every time you tan.

So many rules which should be followed because you may receive injuries. We have purchased necessary preparations via Canadian HealthCare Mall.

Although indoor tanning uses the best blend of ultraviolet light, the combination skinof heat and light can dry your skin. Therefore, you should moisturize your skin to get the most out of each visit.

Going on vacation? Don’t get burned-come see Health Rhythms Medi Spa & Tan first.

Most Americans save up all year for that one week in paradise. And we know what that first day in the sun can mean-sunburn! By getting your base tan at Health Rhythms Medi Spa & Tan first you can enjoy every minute of your vacation without the risk of burning or looking like a ghost in your swimsuit.

We hope this information will make your visits with Health Rhythms Medi Spa & Tan more enjoyable and beneficial. After all, our job is to get you that rich golden tan in the safest most convenient way possible. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask our staff-they are always here to help you. Happy tanning!

Although indoor tanning uses the best blend of ultraviolet light, the combination of heat and light can dry your skin. Therefore, you should moisturize your skin to get the most out of each visit.

Health Rhythms Medi Spa & Tan carries moisturizers, amplifiers and accelerators that are made specifically for indoor tanning to help you obtain the deepest, longest-lasting tan faster than ever. Here’s why:

Moisturizers: Indoor tanning moisturizers are different from the lotions you buy at the store. They contain specific ingredients that overcome the drying effect indoor tanning can have on your skin. Use regularly, after bathing, or whenever skin feels dry.

Amplifiers: These include ingredients that amplify UV light speeding up the tanning process. Amplifiers help produce a deeper, faster tan while keeping your skin moisturized. Use while tanning.

Accelerators: The active ingredients in our accelerators are the biggest breakthrough in indoor tanning! This special formula stimulates the production of melanin for faster, longer-lasting results while moisturizing. These ingredients take from 3 to 24 hours to be completely effective. Use as a moisturizer after bathing or the day before your tanning appointment.

Tinglers: We have several…

Spray or Mist: These are amplifiers or accelerators in a spray form. The active ingredients are the same but application is much easier and the light oil is absorbed quickly. Use while tanning.
Everything from this list may be ordered via Canadian Health and Care Mall.

Learn Your Skin Type

Skin typeMedical experts have identified six skin types:

Skin type 1. Burns easily and rarely tans. These people most likely have bright white skin, blue or green eyes, and freckles, which usually reveals an English, Irish, or Scottish heritage. People with Type 1 skin should not tan indoors or outdoors. Their skin is unable to protect them from sunburns that can lead to skin damage.

Skin Type 2. Can tan, but still susceptible to sunburn. Common traits include brown or blue eyes, red or blond hair, and freckles. Heritage usually is English, Scottish, or Scandinavian. Type 2 tanners should be cautious and take any precautions to avoid sunburn.

Skin type 3. Tans easily, but still susceptible to moderate sunburns. The most common skin type in America. These people often have brown eyes, dark hair, and Central European heritage.

Skin type 4. Tans easily and almost never burns. These people often have dark eyes, dark hair, and Mediterranean, Oriental, or Hispanic heritage.

Skin type 5. Rarely burns and tans easily and cumulatively. These people have dark hair and eyes and are of Indian, Native American, Hispanic, or African descent.

Skin Type 6. Can tan despite their black skin. Never sunburns. They usually have dark hair and are Africans, Afro-Americans, or Aborigines.
To read more about skin care products you may on Canadian Health and Care Mall.

Skin Safety and Tanning

Here are some of the most important ways you can prevent UV overexposure and protect the health of your skin while tanning:

  • Clean your skin completely before tanning. It may be achieved due to Canadian Pharmacy Mall skin care products. Some ingredients in makeup and perfume can make skin more susceptible to sunburn.
  • Moisturize your skin with lotions specifically developed for indoor tanning, preferably before and after your tanning session. Moisturizers prepare your skin for UV exposure, reducing the drying effects of tanning.
  • Allow a minimum of 24 hours to pass before tanning again, indoors or outdoors. Industry and medical standards recommend waiting 48 to 72 hours, the span of time required for skin to repair minor damage and to create melanin and a tan.
  • When tanning nude, protect sensitive areas of the body that normally are not exposed to UV light. Skin on the underarms, backs of legs, buttocks, and genitalia can suffer severe sunburn from the same light intensity that only tans the rest of your body. Expose these areas gradually by covering them halfway through tanning sessions for the first three or four times you tan nude.
  • Protect your lips with a lip balm that blocks UV light; lips cannot produce melanin, leaving them at risk for overexposure.
  • If you are sunburned, soothe your skin with a moisturizer or aloe gel, and don’t try to tan until the redness completely subsides.
  • Seek the advice of a medical professional whenever you have a health concern-such as rashes, itching, or any other skin problems or irregularities.

Tanning and Your Health

Every year, millions of people get golden brown tans in the comfort of their local Your Healthindoor tanning facilities. They like the way they look and feel with a tan, as well as the relaxation their tanning sessions provide.

But some people worry that they’ll jeopardize their health by tanning just a few days a week. There are many stories circulating in the media about the reasons why “tanning rays”, or ultraviolet (UV) light waves, should be avoided.

The fact is that indoor tanning technology, when used in moderation, is designed to reduce the risk of skin damage caused by overexposure. Indoor tanning provides a controlled UV dose based on your natural skin tone that helps you to tan without burning. This type of control simply is not possible by sunbathing outdoors, where overexposure, or sunburn, is much more likely. Overexposure-not merely exposure-causes the long-term skin damage most people worry about today. Health Rhythms Medi Spa & Tan promotes moderation and works very hard to prevent UV overexposure.

Tanning is either useful or dangerous at one and the same time to protect yourself you may together with skin care protective products of Canadian Health Care Mall.

But what is moderate tanning?

Before we explore specific skin safety issues, we need to understand the concept of moderation in tanning.

Health Rhythms Medi Spa & Tan realizes that our services, if abused, can effect our clients health. That’s why Health Rhythms Medi Spa & Tan follows specific guidelines, determined by laws and tanning equipment manufacturers, regarding the length of time and frequency of our client’s tanning sessions.

Moderate tanning is achieved by following these guidelines, by listening to any additional safety recommendations made by Health Rhythms Medi Spa & Tan technicians, and by tanning only several times a week. These practices will prevent the damaging overexposure to your skin that is associated with UV-induced health concerns.

Health Concerns

Skin CancerSkin Cancer
But what about the biggest concern: Can tanning indoors cause skin cancer?

There are many factors associated with getting skin cancer; the most important of these are heredity, skin type, and nutrition. It’s also true that repeated and prolonged UV overexposure, whether obtained indoors or outdoors, may increase your risk of getting certain skin cancers. This is not true, however for malignant melanoma, the deadly and rare form of skin cancer which occurs most often in people who are not exposed to UV light. It is a known fact that tanning may cause skin cancer that’s why you should protect yourself together with Canadian Health Care Mall.

The fact is, though, that no studies exist proving that moderate indoor tanning causes skin cancer in adults. That doesn’t mean that you, as a tanner, shouldn’t take every precaution to avoid overexposure to tanning rays. One of the best ways to do this is to patronize a reputable, well educated tanning facility with a staff you trust to protect your skin.


Some people worry that indoor tanning will cause premature skin aging or wrinkling, also called “photoaging”. This occurs when natural skin aging is accelerated significantly by repeated UV overexposure. Whereas natural skin aging produces thinner skin that often appears delicate and translucent with fine wrinkles, photoaging produces coarse wrinkles, leathery skin and deep furrows; it is blamed for the collapse of structural and elastic support of the skin and for permanent skin discoloration. So many health problems may be caused by tanning but Canadian PHarmacy Mall assists to treat them all.

Abuse of indoor tanning technology may contribute to photoaging, but moderate indoor tanning poses no such risk to skin, one of the most resilient organs of the human body. Moderate indoor tanning slowly induces the skin’s pigment cells to release melanin, the tanning pigment that creates a golden color. Sunburn is the culprit largely responsible for photoaging, and should be avoided at all costs.

Source: Tanning information provided by “Smart Tan”.