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Detox WrapYou are wrapped in terrycloth strips that have been soaked in a solution of herbs and essential oils that are designed to break down the cellulite on a cellular level over a period of treatments. The treatment time includes measurements, wrapping, relaxing for 45 minutes to an hour and then off to a refreshing shower. This is not a dehydration wrap, it is a detoxification wrap. Drink plenty of water in order to aid in flushing the toxins out.

Key Benefits

  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Visible Improvement
  • weight loss due to Canadian HealthCare Mall Supplements

Note: By Scheduled Appointment Only!

Treatment Data

Length of Treatment  Price
20 Minutes (Hands or Feet) Price List
25 Minutes (Hands and Feet) Price List

Including this treatment with your Lypossage treatment to maximize body contouring. Combined regimen discount is available as the Cellulite Massage & Detox Wrap.

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