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Doula Services


The professional Doula is a woman who assists and attends the birthing family from early labor until the baby is born. She is trained to to offer care for the women from home to birth place of choice to home again. She will be the voice of the laboring mother relaying the birth plan, needs and serve as advocate, labor coach, and support partner to give the parents-to-be the freedom to focus inward as they meet the joy, elation and possible challenges of their individual and unique birth experience.

Doulas are not physician, midwife or nurses assistants. They are assistants to the Mother. Each Doula and parent will decide the exact duties of their Doula, everyone will have different comfort levels of associated tasks. Some Doulas cook and clean while others only attend the mother during the birth.


Massage Magazine

Massage Magazine’s mission is to promote global well being by educating, informing and inspiring practitioners of massage, touch therapies and related healing arts. Massage magazine provides valuable information and timely articles on total well-being.


Everything you want to know about chiropractic and wellness. The perfect starting point for chiropractic patients and consumers.

General Interest


Logo-Riv coh-seal3Health Rhythms has clinics in the Cities of Hemet and,  RiversideCalifornia
Logo-Rivcoc Health Rhythms Medi Spa is a proud member of the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce.
coh-seal_chamber Health Rhythms Medi Spa and Tan is a proud member of the Hemet / San Jacinto Valley Chamber of Commerce.
canp The California Association of Naturopathic Physicians (CANP) is a professional association of naturopathic doctors (NDs) who live and work in California. Our members are graduates of accredited four-year, graduate-level, in-residence naturopathic medical programs.
Logo-AMTA The American Massage Therapy Association is a Professional association which offers tips for how to get the most out of a massage, and provides help for finding a qualified massage therapist.
WebMD WebMD is a premier online resource for medical Health information.
Logo-NH is an educational resource for people interested in studying the natural healing arts. If you are considering becoming a licensed massage therapist, naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, an acupuncturist, or other healer, you will find a great source for information on schools, programs, and certification and licensing requirements.
Logo-AF The Arthritis Foundation, Inland Empire Branch is our local branch of this private charity.
The Arthritis Foundation is the largest private, non-profit contributor to arthritis research in the world.
BWlogo Health Rhythms is a proud supporter of the Joints in Motion organization within
The Arthritis Foundation.Become a member of Joints in Motion, the Arthritis Foundation’s marathon training program.
Other References to Health Rhythms…
doesn’t the phrase “Health Rhythms” just say it all?


Link-Radio-Imag 2004 – Health Rhythms (“Health Radio”) and Imaginis have teamed up to form “Radio Imaginis.” On the Imaginis site at “Radio Imaginis” you can listen to all Health Radio’s Breast Cancer related programs. Health Rhythms produces health related radio programs with high attention to diversity issues. Health Radio is broadcast on networks and individual radio stations including NPR, Armed Forces network and Voice of America.
Health Radio runs five days per week, a total of 250 shows a year and is supported by AARP and the California Wellness Foundation.


Sept. 29, 2003 – Health Rhythms Radio, America’s first daily radio show featuring “Medicine, Music and a Health Message,” debuts October 5 on the Voice of America; and American Forces Network, an audience of 125+ million listeners internationally.

The 90-second program, available free to broadcast networks and individual radio stations in exchange for airplay, runs five days per week, a total of 250 shows a year.

“This is an All-American health show, as our first-person stories reflect today’s true USA demographics,” said Christopher Springmann, executive producer. “We’re telling the health story while celebrating the diverse American journey. This approach gives listeners a relevant health radio experience they can identify with.

” A typical week’s lineup may include a variety of health topics including tattoo removal; HIV/AIDS; dental pain; obesity; breast and prostate cancers; smoking cessation; child safety seats; and healthcare disparities, all set to music.

Health Rhythms ( features interviews with Americans of various ages, genders, ethnicities and cultures, who have faced a challenge to their health, supported a loved one through a health crisis, or who have learned a valuable lesson about protecting their well-being.

“Health Rhythms is entertaining, emotionally engaging and provides useful health, wellness and health promotion information,” said Springmann. “If we can’t ‘grab’ people in the first few seconds and intrigue them to stay tuned, we will have not met our goal to bring informative, actionable health insights to our audience.”

Health Rhythms seeks to motivate diverse radio audiences to maximize their health potential; promote candid exchange with healthcare providers, researchers and systems; and provide voice to the healthcare underserved and those most impacted by healthcare disparities. Health Rhythms also seeks to link the interests of a healthy workforce to the interests of a healthy business community.

Health Rhythms Radio is underwritten through a strategic media partnership with The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF). Founded in 1992 as an independent foundation, TCWF’s mission is to improve the health of the people of California by making grants for health promotion, wellness education and disease prevention programs.


remo 2002 – REMO Inc., famous for their drum products, has a new division named Health Rhythms that develops and provides materials, programs, training and the latest research supporting the use of drumming as an effective means for promoting and maintaining health and well-being. They even named their drumming protocol “Health Rhythms”. As my husband is a Middle Eastern Drummer from way back, we think this is kewl. Give them a visit. Take one of their classes and enjoy the release and good feelings that drumming can bring.


HRHandsLogoSm Nov. 24, 2000 – The Original Health Rhythms Medi Spa opens in Riverside, California. Bringing the best in Massage, Medi SPA and SPA services to the Inland Empire.

The Gift of Relaxation
, Channel 4, KNBC News, December 2000 – Mary Parks interviews Health Rhythms owner, Mercy Champlin about massage as the perfect gift at the Health Rhythms, Riverside location.
Relax and Be My Valentine, Channel 4, KNBC News, February, 2001 – Mary Parks interviews Health Rhythms owner, Mercy Champlin about massage as the perfect romantic gift at the Health Rhythms, iverside location.

Public Service Sites


This is the place to get those needlepoint and stitching projects we told you about in Sandra’s Biography.

navbarlogo This is the [very tongue in cheek] place for people who love cats. If you are often in a state of cataglories as we are, welcome. Cataglories is our term for the wonders that you feel as a result of living, observing and practicing philosophy with cats. It is a life filled repeatedly with the feeling of awe regarding the achievements of the felines in ones lives.