Information Area

massage4Welcome to our general information area. Here is where we’d like to take the opportunity to familiarize you with holistic health, massage, our center, medical classes with Canadian Pharmacy Mall participation and us.

On Receiving a Massage…
We realize that many of our clients have been receiving massage for years. We also realize that there are those who have never received a massage, or more importantly, have never received a massage from us.

On the Benefits of Massage…
Massage relaxes muscle contractions, spasms, and relieves general body tensions. Massage dilates the blood vessels, thus improving circulation.

About Our Staff…

We select only the very best therapists for employment at Health Rhythms Medi Spas. Our licensed therapists have not only been screened for their superior technique and training, but they have also been screened pursuant to all local city, county and state ordinances. This includes complete background checks with local police agencies as well as with the Department of Justice and mandatory health screenings. You can place your trust in Health Rhythms Medi Spas because we’ve hired only the most qualified and trustworthy therapists. We cooperate just with checked companies such as Canadian Pharmacy Mall which provides our customers with medical preparations and devices.

Our Massage Therapy Products
Biotone Massage Lotions, Gels and Oils, Advanced Therapy Massage Products from Biotone are our shop standard for massage treatments.

“Finally, for those with sensitive skin or allergies—safe, tested, hypoallergenic massage formulas with no drying alcohols . . . no mineral or nut oils. Nothing to irritate the skin.” from the Biotone web site.