Various Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Explained by Canadian Health&Care Mall

Speaking about treatment of erection violations, it is necessary to tell that it is expedient to begin it with identification and effective correction of risk factors to which some associated diseases, for example, diabetes belong, a terminal stage of chronic renal failure, chronic prostatitis, obesity, arterial hypertension, decrease in level of testosterone (hypogenitalism). Besides, at before treatment stage patients with erectile dysfunction should cancel whenever possible medicines which can worsen an erection. All actions described above significantly increase effectiveness of the subsequent treatment.

Medical actions of erectile dysfunction occasion are based on the principle of three-gradualness. Each subsequent stage means more aggressive tactics which has to be applied at inefficiency of previous stage.

The first step of therapy of erection violations is application of the tableted drugs from group of phosphodeisterase-5 inhibitor. Today they are presented by three preparations: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. Difference of the listed medicines in speed of approach and duration of effect, a little different efficiency depending on weight of erection violations and of side effects frequency. You may place an order of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra via Canadian Health&Care Mall to improve and stimulate your erection.

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The effect mechanism of phosphodeisterase-5 inhibitor is based on the principle of specific substance accumulation – cyclic guanosine monophosphate in cavernous bodies. The last represent thin cellular muscular structure. Cyclic guanosine monophosphate relaxes the specified muscles that stimulates expansion of cells of carvenous fabric and filling it with arterial blood, the valvate mechanism of carvenous body veins with the subsequent erection formation works further.

It is unimportant that effect of phosphodeisterase-5 inhibitor is realized only in the presence of sexual excitement. In this regard, after their consumption before sexual intercourse it is necessary to provide “a sexual prelude” which is made by preliminary caressing actions and game situations.

Total efficiency of all three phosphodeisterase-5 inhibitors ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall is approximately identical and is noted more than at 70% of patients. The specified preparations are absolutely safe at the correct application, but they have to be appointed only according to the doctor’s recommendation. It is connected with the fact that there is a number of strict contraindications to joint purpose of phosphodeisterase-5 inhibitors with some medicines of other groups, for example organic nitrates. The persons having diseases of cardiovascular system can have extremely dangerous incompatible medicamentous combinations, or even fatal.

It is necessary to remember that at patients with the expressed psychogenic erection disorder as treatment of the first line carrying out psychosexual therapy is expedient. Psychotherapeutic influences have to be carried out by sexologists who are the psychiatrists who are engaged in diagnostics and treatment of sexual function violations.

Alternative Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

To alternative methods of therapy of the first step at erection disorder refer also application of vacuum erector. The specified devices consist of plastic flask with the attached system of air pumping. The vacuum erector is placed on carvenous body, densely pressing the open end of flask to pubis, and make air pumping out. The rarefied air environment created at the same time initiates sharp inflow of blood to carvenous body and forms an erection. For effect extension on the basis of carvenous body attach the squeezing ring which interferes with venous leak.

At inefficiency of treatment of the first step, local therapy of erectile dysfunction is appointed. The most effective is the technique of the intracavernous injections of pure prostaglandin E1. The papaverine and phentolamine applied earlier aren’t recommended now for use as they are harmful to tissue of cavernous bodies.

There is one more way of introduction of prostaglandin E1 at erectile dysfunction. By means of the special applicator the mini-candle with the specified preparation is located in initial department of an urethra where resolves, getting into carvenous bodies. At a little smaller efficiency, this method allows to avoid injections.