Problems posed by depression and erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is caused by lack of enough blood flowing to the blood vessels and tissues of the penis. This is often as a result of psychological problems that affect the brain, however there are also physical causes. When ED becomes persistent, much more about a man’s life becomes dull. Their participation in some of the previous activities that were a source of joy becomes less and finally no interest at all.

The most common effect of ED known to many men is usually depression since it is the major effect that is related to ED in a two way direction. This simply means that it is a cause of ED and also a resulting effect when the latter administers itself. When depression and erectile dysfunction establish themself in a man, the symptoms are often plenty and easy to notice.

Depression and erectile dysfunction of man make their partners also suffer from the blow in their own ways. Although some may seem to try and find a solution on their own ways, most suffer the greater part of it. Some of the problems that the partners of an impotent man experiences include:

  • Relationship wrangles – When a man cannot fulfill their conjugal obligations to their partner, relationship problems are usually the first to administer. The other partner may feel the urge to find sexual pleasure from somewhere else and this often results to problems. If that’s not the case, then there would be lack of interest in each other which may eventually lead to marriage wreck.
  • Guilt – The partner of a man suffering from erectile dysfunction usually develops a sense of guilt about not able to cause their partners to erect.
  • A sense of helplessness often comes as a result of the guilt. The partner does not have a clue on where to turn for help.
  • Frustration and confusion.
  • Lack of assurance whether their partner still loves them.
  • Worrying that their partner is having an affair.
  • The partner may also become sad or dull about the lack of an erect penis in their bedroom.
  • Loss of affection or love for their partner especially if sex was the only pillar of the relationship.


Therefore, apart from a man being affected by the problem of ED, they should also know that their partners are also greatly affected. This to some extent will affect the people around them as well. For instance in a family with children, family gatherings may reduce or become non-existent altogether. Lack of family associations may result to depression to the children with a feeling that their parents don’t care about them anymore.

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