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Canadian Health&Care Mall about Types of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by inability to achieve and maintain the erection enough to carry out the sexual intercourse. It is one of the most widespread male sexual disorders. There are several types of erectile dysfunction:

  • psychogenic;
  • organic;
  • mixed;
  • drug-induced.

Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

This type of erectile dysfunction is caused by psychogenic problems such as:

  • long-term stress;
  • neurosis;
  • depression;
  • stressed relations with partner.

When the erectile dysfunction is caused by psychologic problems, the patient has spontaneous and masturbatory erection but it disappears suddenly adequate erection. The libido disorder may be reduced or disappeared at all.
It doesn’t matter what kind of erectile dysfunction man possesses it is curable. Canadian Health&Care Mall knows all the possible methods of ED treatment. The drugs applied at treatment are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. Besides you may read a lot of useful information about other methods of treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction

Organic Erectile Dysfunction

this type of erectile dysfunction is caused by the emergence of some other disorders or because of the negative factors having influence on the male organism. Such factors may be:

  • environment;
  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs addictions).

The organic erectile dysfunction is subdivided on the following types:

  • vasculogenic – is manifested because of arterial or veno – occlusive disorders. Cavernous insufficiency may become also a cause of vasculogenic type of ED. At this type all the types of erection disappear at all but libido is still present.;
  • hormonal – is dependent on the ability to testosterone availability. In the majority of cases people having diabetes or some other endocrine disorders suffer from erectile dysfunction more frequent. The libido is decreased gradually in case of hormonal type of erectile dysfunction.;
  • neurogenic – This type of erectile dysfunction results from back or brain and peripheral nerves disorders. At “high” spinal violations the spontaneous and appearing at tactile influence erections remain, at “low” spinal violations both spontaneous, and adequate erections suffer. The libido in both cases doesn’t suffer.

Mixed Erectile Dysfunction

Such impotence is caused by set of the reasons both of psychogenic and organic, for example, chronic disease in combination with psychological problems. The symptomatology of the mixed erectile dysfunction combines factors of both types. Mixed type of erectile dysfunction is treated effectively be medications of Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Drug-induced Erectile Dysfunction

This type is allocated in separate group. The disease is connected with reception the antihypertensive agents and antipsychotic preparations, antidepressants, anti-androgens, antihistamine drugs. At drug-induced impotence both spontaneous, and adequate erections suffer, the libido decreases.
Canadian Health&Care Mall offers its customers not only preparations but the information necessary for treatment. If you come across with such a problem we are going to solve your problems because your health condition is very important for us.

Deliberations of Prevalence and Predictors of Symptoms in the Terminal Stage of Lung Cancer

lung cancerIn the terminal stage of lung cancer, 99% of the patients had at least one or more symptoms of pain, dyspnea, nausea, cough, hemoptysis, and psychological and neurologic difficulties. The most frequent symptoms were pain, psychological manifestations, and/or dyspnea. One fourth of patients had nausea, cough, and/or neurologic symptoms, and only one tenth displayed hemoptysis. Two thirds of the terminal lung cancer patients had three or more symptoms.

The strength of this study is that 98% of all lung cancer patients in a defined hospital area were included and 89% had a histologic confirmation, which is higher than previous studies. The cohort of patients was followed up from 5 to 11 years, and we were able to obtain information concerning the terminal stage of lung cancer in 98% of those who died.

Outcomes of Prevalence and Predictors of Symptoms in the Terminal Stage of Lung Cancer



There were 271 incident lung cancer patients from 1990 to 1997. Eighteen patients (6.6%) were alive by December 1, 2003. The diagnosis was confirmed by histology in 218 patients (89%). Information on symptoms and treatment in the terminal 8 weeks were collected from 247 of the 253 patients (98%) who died within this period of surveillance. One patient died abroad, and the records of five patients were not available. Only 53 of the 247 deaths (22%) were in women. The distribution of age, stage, performance status, and histology at the time of initial diagnosis (Table 1) did not differ between genders (p > 0.05). Of 56 patients with small cell lung carcinoma (SCLC) 27 patients had localized disease corresponding to stage I-III, and 29 patients had extensive disease with metastasis corresponding to stage IV. The average age was 68.5 years (SD, 10.1 years; range, 38 to 89 years). Initial antineoplastic treatment (surgery, radiotherapy, and/or chemotherapy) was administered to 60% of the patients. Lung cancer was the underlying cause of death in 227 patients and was contributory to death in 15 of the remaining 20 patients. The average time from beginning of symptoms to diagnosis was 89 days.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Research of Prevalence and Predictors of Symptoms in the Terminal Stage of Lung Cancer

Terminal SymptomsThe mortality rate of lung cancer is high, and there has been little improvement in the long-term survival over the last 40 years. In addition, information is lacking whether sex, age, initial stage and performance status, and histology may predict the presence of serious symptoms in the terminal stage. In previous community studies of patients dying from lung cancer, 78% displayed dyspnea and 85% had pain in the final year of life, while depression was observed in 33% of patients with lung cancer referred to palliative treatments centers. In the first study, the participation rate was only 69%, while the latter was comprised of patients from three lung cancer trials with very different inclusion criteria, Comparison of these studies is difficult due to these different inclusion criteria and also to information gathered at various points during the course of the disease. Quality of life measurements give incomplete information at the end stage because many patients are unable to fill out the questionnaires. Therefore, information is not available concerning the incidence and prevalence of major symptoms in the terminal care of lung cancer patients from a population-based study.

Canadian Health&Care Mall about Care For Elderly People

health deteriorationThe person who got sick, feels all negative consequences of the illness. However they can be absolutely different in severity. Just a cold which is only perceived by children as an occasion to pass school, is incomparable with the heavy diagnosis of elderly person. The young man who spent some days in bed, easily is restored and accepted to daily duties. In differently the matter of fact with elderly people is. For them special care much longer is necessary. Elderly people often suffer from bad mood because of health deterioration.

They can offend the relatives, constantly introducing reproaches or the pessimistic ideas. To help to cope with gloomy thoughts, it is necessary to organize the correct care. Canadian Health&Care Mall underlines that it is very important to find the balance between the sick person and nurse.

Web Drug Store Canadian Health Care Mall and Itch

ItchItch is an infectious parasitic skin disease. It is known since antique times, but long time doctors couldn’t reveal a parasite causing this disease and therefore denied the its pathogenic nature, and emergence of skin defects claimed to be connected with an patients emotional condition. Today it is known that itch at children and adults is caused by activity of acarus called Sarcoptes scabiei. They are widespread in life, easily pass from the person to the person and cause various allergic reactions. Despite prevalence of activators, timely laboratory diagnosis of itch is complicated because of the insufficient level of preparation of the personnel of many skin and venereologic establishments and lack of the necessary equipment.

Itch is provoked by activity of acarus scabies called Sarcoptes scabiei. They have the tiny sizes and therefore aren’t found at usual survey by an unaided look. Getting on skin of the person, females of acarus scabies make in it an opening and terms start “biting” into thickness, leaving the characteristic scabby paths. Further the impregnated female will postpone the posterity in the made channels. As a rule, itch at the person is located on palms, feet, wrists, elbows and genitals

Itch as a disease is not so complicated to be treated but it gives uncomfortable feelings during all the period of existence that’s why it is better to start for treatment in time not to put it in a cold storage. To find an effective treatment you should attend a doctor who will prescribe you different preparations which can be ordered via the web drug store

Canadian HealthCare Mall: Hypoplastic Anemia

hypoplastic anemiaStudying of cytologic preparations of bone marrow doesn’t yield decisive results for diagnosis of hypoplastic anemia. Even at considerable devastation of bone marrow the needle can get to the center of the remained myelogenesis. It creates wrong idea of sufficient blood formation. At suspicion on bone marrow hypoplasia in connection with panhematopenia in peripheral blood it is necessary to apply core biopsy. This method gives an idea of replacement extent of bone marrow with fatty tissue. In cytologic preparations of marrow at hypoplastic anemia it is possible to reveal some features.

SPA – Stepping Stones Intensive Foot Therapy. Wonderful World With Canadian Pharmacy Mall


Stepping Stones Foot TherapyEnjoy our newest service – the Stepping Stones Foot Therapy – a Foot Bath and Therapeutic Foot Massage. This experience begins with a riveting hot and cold foot bath giving your foot muscles a rush of sensation. The bath is followed with our special foot scrub and rinse. Then begins the most delightful 30 minute therapeutic foot massage imaginable….you may never want to leave.
Wonderful world may be created together with Health Rhythms Medi Spas and Canadian Pharmacy Mall Medical Care. It is rather easy to achieve due to services they suggest.

Key Benefits

  • Foot Tension is completely released
  • Foot pain and/or numbness is significantly reduced
  • You’ll remember your feet fondly
  • You’ll will walk away with a renewed gate

SPA – Salt Scrub Offered by Canadian Pharmacy Mall


This as a moisturizing, exfoliating treatment that rids the skin of dry, dead cells, softens elbows and heels, and stimulates the circulatory system. Sea salt rich in trace minerals is mixed with warm oils and applied to the entire body in massage-type strokes. It leaves your skin satin-smooth. All these elemnts may be easily found in Canadian Pharmacy Mall.

Key Benefits

  • Rejuvenated Skin
  • Smooth Skin
  • Ingrown hair release
  • Circulatory System Stimulation
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