Effect of Prostatitis on Potency: Signs, Diagnosis and Therapy

Does prostatitis affect potency, and can inflammation of prostate gland lead to erectile dysfunction? Since prostatitis is a disease of genitourinary system, then, of course. At the same time, prostatitis affects erection almost in the first place, that is, prostatitis and erection are directly related.

Prostatitis manifests itself in various forms: acute, chronic and asymptomatic. Depending on causes of its occurrence, prostatitis is also divided into infectious or non-infectious.

Why does the Disease Develop?

There is a large number of possible causes of inflammation of prostate gland. Very often this is influenced by external factors, such as, for example, sexually transmitted infections.

Also, prostatitis can be caused by other internal pathologies of a man (for example, improper structure of prostate, hemorrhoids and other diseases of organs located near prostate).

Erectile Dysfunction at prostatitisIn addition, it is necessary to understand that people suffering from any chronic diseases are more at risk of contracting prostatitis.

Among factors related to lifestyle of patient, development of prostate inflammation can be triggered by:

  • constant stress and fatigue;
  • lack of sports;
  • sedentary work;
  • malnutrition;
  • irregular sexual life;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • trauma of genital organs;
  • bad habits (alcohol, smoking, etc.).

Very often, prostatitis develops as a consequence of untreated other inflammatory diseases (e. g., sinusitis, hemorrhoids, caries, etc.).

Many men do not pay due attention to listed diseases, do not treat them (often, do not even seek medical help) or treat, but at appearance of first signs of improvement, they stop therapy.

Bacterial prostatitis usually proceeds extremely painfully, especially if causative agents of the disease are staphylococcus, E. coli, chlamydia, etc. (often at such form of prostatitis it is even difficult for a man to stand).

It is noteworthy that many bacteria are a part of healthy human microflora, but if they enter tissues of prostate gland, they can cause active inflammatory process. And erection at such prostatitis is much weaker.

How does Prostatitis Affect Potency?

Why does prostatitis reduce potency? Since prostate gland is one of the main organs of male reproductive system, its inflammation always entails deterioration of erection.

There are also more serious complications, up to impotence (that is, erectile dysfunction and prostatitis are observed, as a rule, at the same time).

In addition to physiological factors, psychological factors can contribute to development of impotence. Constant pains, intensifying at urination and having sex, drive a man into complexes, gradually turning into a real depression. Such serious psychological condition can result in depression.

Diagnosis of prostatitis involves undergoing various tests, in particular, spermogram and bacterial inoculation. At first reference to specialist, all patients are assigned common blood and urine tests, which already indicate which form of further diagnosis should be selected.

In some cases, ultrasound examination is performed, within which it is possible to determine condition of all pelvic organs.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction at Prostatitis

How to restore potency after prostatitis? It is necessary to understand that prostatitis and impotence are interrelated. But impotence, which develops as a result of inflammation of prostate, can be cured. Moreover, to cure impotence in case of chronic prostatitis is also possible.

First of all, for this it is necessary to cope with inflammatory process. For this, it is required to «remove» bacteria and microorganisms from the body that caused development of prostatitis. As a rule, this requires complete course of treatment with antibacterial drugs.

After the main symptoms of inflammation are removed, pain will begin to decrease, that is, treatment will directly affect physiological and psychological state of patient and contribute to rapid recovery.

However, these measures are not enough. To fully restore reproductive functions of the body, a man needs to undergo comprehensive treatment, which is prescribed by doctor.

In addition to active drug therapy, it includes recovery course consisting of a number of physiotherapy procedures, massages, etc. That is, effect on gland should be long enough. Only with such treatment human body is completely restored, and the disease goes away. Otherwise, if inflammation is not cured to the end, the disease turns into a chronic form, then problems of prostatitis and potency can become permanent phenomena.

Can there be Problems with Potency after Treatment of Prostatitis?

Unfortunately, according to medical statistics, a number of patients suffer from problems with potency after full treatment of inflammation of prostate gland, when prostatitis does not affect erection anymore. In this case, root of the problem is precisely psychological problems. That is, painful state of a man during exacerbation of prostatitis was so acute that complexes formed due to temporary insolvency in bed are firmly fixed in mind of a person.

How to cure impotence with so severe depression? In this situation, one can not do without help of professional psychologist. Self-medication can only exacerbate the situation.

Erectile Dysfunction and prostatitisIn case that patient has chronic prostatitis, as a rule, structure of the gland is distorted. These pathological changes partially block signals of brain, and a man, from time to time, may experience «difficulties» in bed.

Another relationship of prostatitis and potency is that characteristic symptom of development of inflammation in urogenital system is sharp decline in libido of a man. This is due to the fact that sex causes unpleasant feelings and aggravates constant pain, so a man consciously and unconsciously refuses to have sexual intercourse.

Thus, we can safely say that effect of prostatitis on potency, indeed, present. Strength of this influence varies depending on the form of the disease, peculiarities of its course, and also structure of patient’s psyche. To cope with the problem and restore sexual activity, it is necessary to immediately contact a specialist and undergo comprehensive treatment.

Remember that prostatitis should not be self-treated – this can lead to very serious complications.