Canadian Health&Care Mall about Antibiotics Specifity

Antibiotics represent substances of biological origin. These substances are synthesized by microorganisms. For the person the sense of antibiotics consists in suppression of growth of viruses, microbes, bacteria, besides, the considerable quantity of antibiotics are able to kill the microbes which have got to an organism.

Antibacterial substances are also sometimes ranked as antibiotics. Feature of antibiotics is specificity of their action. Each species of microbes is susceptible not to all antibiotics, i.e. a certain antibiotic can make impact only on certain microbes.

This feature has formed a basis for classification of antibiotics on antibiotics with a narrow range of action (they suppress microbes of one group) and wide (influence on various microbes). Canadian Health&Care Mall has both types of antibiotics to prevent the diseases’ development.

Antibiotics are urged to help with infectious diseases treatment. The most important is that antibiotics didn’t make destructive impact on cells of an organism, but in too time such influence was suffered by those microorganisms which have caused this or that disease.

During very long period the problem of fight against the diseases caused by microorganisms was a problem of all mankind. Even century later after the interrelation fact between pathogenic bacteria and infectious diseases was scientifically reasonable, there were no effective remedies of fight against these diseases. Those medicines which were applied as antibacterial were characterized by high degree of toxicity and rather low degree of productivity.

Actually antibiotics have appeared only in the forties of the twentieth century. The possibility of antibiotics synthesis meant the real revolution in the field of medicine. Infectious diseases were possible to treat by means of these preparations now. Uniqueness of antibiotics has led to the fact that at any suspicion on existence of an infection in an organism to the patient right there they were prescribed. However quickly it was found out that at bacteria resistance to this or that antibacterial means began to be developed after a while. Dysbacteriosis, allergies and to volume similar side effects also accompanied application of antibiotics.

Antibiotics and antibacterial means are synonyms. Not all antibacterial means are antibiotics. First, antibiotics can be received by semi-synthetic methods. Secondly, they can be synthesized by microorganisms. Those preparations which are completely synthetic can’t be considered as antibiotics. However in medical literature it is often possible to meet understanding of an antibiotic as any antimicrobic means.

Antibiotics application is very harmful to an organism. Really, application of antibiotics often is followed by emergence of negative side effects, but, arguing in this way, many people refuse these antibacterial means even in a serious condition. It is impossible to do it at all. Special preparations are urged to reduce risk of development of dysbacteriosis and allergies. They are applied together with antibiotics, suppressing many side effects from treatment by the last. After carrying out operation, including, antibiotics are quite often appointed.

It is important to understand that antibiotics dependence will never be developed and without them treatment of many serious diseases (for example is impossible, at intoxication and sepsis). Pneumonia, quinsy, pyelonephritis are also in most cases demand treatment by antibiotics, otherwise serious complications are possible. If at sinusitis, pneumonia are not to appointed a course of antibiotics, otherwise these diseases can pass into a chronic form and cause spread of an infection on an organism (for example, on urinary tract). Besides, only treatment by antibiotics of Canadian Health&Care Mall can improve quality of life of the patient at some diseases in a chronic form (for example, clamidiosis, mycoplasmal lung infection, etc.). If not to treat antibiotics with quinsy, then it will probably affects work of kidneys and heart (possible complications – glomerulonephritis from kidneys, myocarditis, rheumatism).

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