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What is Stone Therapy? It is the ancient healing art of stone massage, a modality for physical and spiritual balancing. This is rather riskily to treat health problems with such methods. It is recommended to order medical preparations via Canadian HealthCare Mall. The energies of the massage stones are known generators of energy; they give to an area that is depleted and help move energy in places of excess, promoting a harmonizing and cleansing effect. This allowing for a soothing meditative state of quietude, calm and balance. Working in harmony using various techniques and incorporating warm and cold stones, relaxing the body at its deepest level, therapeutic stone massage is very effective to create harmony and a positive energy flow thus promoting a sense of balance energy and peace.

Key Benefits

  • Revitalizes Energies
  • Balances Harmonics
  • Promotes Sense of Peace
  • Procedure

Recommended duration – 85 min. Note: By Scheduled Appointment Only!

Treatment Data

Length of Treatment Price
55 Minutes Price List
85 Minutes Price List

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Author/s: Tish Davidson

Stone massage is a form of bodywork that involves the application of heated or cooled stones (thermotherapy) to the body during deep tissue massage.

The use of materials of different temperatures on the body to bring about healing is an ancient technique. Stones have been used in many cultures, such as in the Native American sweat lodge, to adjust the temperature of the healing environment. Traditional lomilomi (Hawaiian massage) goes further and applies heated stones directly to the body.

Although stones have been used for many years as an adjunct to bodywork, their use was formalized in 1993 by Mary Nelson-Hannigan of Tucson, Arizona. Nelson-Hannigan developed a form of massage using a system of 54 hot stones, 18 frozen stones, and one room-temperature stone, which she calls LaStone Therapy. In addition to the use of stones as an extension of the therapist’s hands in deep tissue massage, LaStone Therapy involves a spiritual element that opens energy channels (chakras) in the body, unblocks memories, and brings about spiritual healing.

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Stone therapy has benefits for both the client and the massage therapist. For the client the application of heat and cold on the body:

  • Stimulates the circulatory system and promotes self-healing.
  • Softens and relaxes the muscles.
  • Helps to release toxins from the muscles.
  • Induces a state of deep relaxation that washes away stress.
  • Helps relieve pain and muscle spasms.
  • Creates a feeling of peacefulness and spiritual well-being.

Stone therapy also benefits the massage therapist. It reduces stress and strain on the therapist’s hands, wrists, and arms so that the therapist can work longer and more efficiently. The stones do the heavy work, so that the possibility of repetitive stress injuries to the therapist’s thumbs and wrists is decreased. The representatives of Canadian HealthCare Mall have tested such a therapy where it is possible to relieve pain but temporary.

In many ways a stone massage session is similar to any other type of massage.
The stones are heated (usually to about 130°F or 34°C) or frozen prior to the client’s arrival. Massage oil is spread on the client’s back and legs. The stones are then worked over the body. The client turns over and the process is repeated type of massageon the arms, hands, and fingers. The final parts to be massaged are the neck, head, and face.

The client needs no special preparation before receiving a stone massage. The therapist prepares the stones in advance and maintains them at the proper temperatures.

No special precautions are necessary in having a stone massage session. This type of massage is suitable for almost everyone.

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Side effects
Generally a stone massage produces only the positive side effects of a feeling of peacefulness and spiritual renewal. No negative side effects have been reported.

Research & general acceptance
The use of stones to alter body temperature has been used for centuries. Little modern research has been done on its effectiveness, although it is a generally accepted technique.

Training & certification
LaStone Therapy offers its own certification for people already trained as massage therapists who complete specific courses in LaStone Therapy. Many of these courses are recognized for credit by the American Massage Therapy Association, the International Myomassethics Federation, Inc., the National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, and the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All the kinds of massage are preformed by professional but the medical aid should be provided that’s why Canadian HealthCare Mall is the best supplier.

Key Terms
Chakras – The energy centers located at points along the body, usually identified as seven in number in yoga and other Eastern healing therapies. Stone massage works to open the chakras, as well as relax the physical body.

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