Medical – Migraine Headache Massage. Drugs for Headache Treatment Shipped by Canadian Health and Care Mall


scalp massageFor migraine sufferers, this face, neck and scalp massage is specifically designed to relieve the symptoms of tension headaches and migraines. Includes a cold aromatherapy eye pack and a 30 min nap afterwards. Ask about the Health Rhythms Migraine cocktail. Headache may be observed as seperate disease or a symptom of some other diseases. Besides it is forbidden to bare headache. The effective preparations may be ordered via Canadian Health and Care Mall.

Key Benefits

  • Tension Release (multiple methods)
  • Stimulation of Migraine Acupressure Points
  • Cold Aromatherapy relaxation for non-odor triggered clients

Treatment Data

Length of Treatment  Price
30 Minutes Price List

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